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“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.”

Jackson Pollock

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Who am I?

Acquisisci schermata

I'am Barbara Carretta (aka Barbarasoulart), born on February 5, 1978, self-taught artist and dreamer with hands and feet in the earth .. currently Italian Paduan land ;-).

I've loved painting and drawing since I remember.

The love for art combined with that for nature and the environment has led me to deepen the themes of eco-sustainability and recycling applied, where possible, also to painting techniques in the continuous search for materials and products in harmony with the soul of nature that surrounds us.

I create my canvases using practices that give space to total freedom of movement.

Thought remains, in the act of creating the work, at the total service of the soul that in the technique of automatic drawing has total control of the action.

I use the techniques of dripping and watercolors and I experiment with the fusion of different materials (enamels, chalks, stuccoes, recycled materials, woods collected on the beach, etc.)

Represent informal and formal life with color but also through the substance it can create on the canvas.

My research right now focuses on the use of watercolor (and therefore the water element), ideal for scrolling images past taboos and cages of the mind.

I love the abstract that I find a perfect way to give the soul the freedom to sing and communicate in a language that adapts like a dress to every person.

Currently, however, using the watercolor technique, I decided to use a more figurative art as I find these are times when artistic communication must be immediate and clear. In my illustrations and drawings, however, I try not to copy reality but to interpret it and make it almost dreamlike, colorful, merging it with dreams and their magic.

The desire to transmit love, belonging and the courage to live and be divine in this life is what totally absorbs me and I want to convey with my drawings and illustrations.

Colors and sensations that like the flow of emotions and information in which we are immersed, I want to fix on the canvas, (paper or any other support) in order to give voice to what inside us whispers every day, that guides us, if you know how to listen : our divine essence, our soul.

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CustomArt And Original

Art commissions are based on your personal references: photos and descriptions. 

Transform your best  moments  (also not erotic , all best of your moments can be transform.. ;-) ) into  a unique and italian handmade watercolour !


How? Contact me and I will give you all the informations .

Also if you are interested in the originals artwork you can see all information about in :

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 Soul Sketches,

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or don't hesitate to contact me!

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